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Ajnee is a Qatari company dedicated to providing exceptional services to entrepreneurs and businesses. Our mission is to create added value by driving qualitative changes and making a real difference for our clients.
That is, obtaining comprehensive services from one place.

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Why ajnee?

We have encountered numerous business centers that offer exceptional workspaces for their clients. However, at ajnee, we have chosen to go above and beyond by providing our clients with truly distinctive services. We do not limit ourselves to merely offering a physical space; we extend our services far beyond that.

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On behalf of the ajnee team,

I am pleased to welcome you to our business support center. We have chosen to locate our company at The Gate Mall, among the largest global and local companies, and the finest international brands of stores, cafes, restaurants, gyms, and other services and facilities.

Despite ajnee's short period in the market and the small size of the space from which we provide our services, which does not exceed 170 square meters, our historical experiences and vision will lead us to reach the farthest corners of the world. We offer new initiatives in the world of business support, with the highest standards and technologies. Through a specialized professional team that has dedicated all its efforts to serving local companies and global companies that aspire to succeed in the local market, we ensure excellence.

Our services meet the satisfaction of entrepreneurs and companies, as our main concern is always the success of their businesses. It is our source of strength in ensuring that we provide the best we have.


Ali Al Hashemi



نموذج اجني

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