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Organizing Professional Events

(ajnee Event Venue)


Ajnee provides commercial and private event organizing services for entrepreneurs. Its event venue on the 12th floor of Tower No. 2 in The Gate Mall offers one of the most beautiful views of the business district in the West Bay area. In addition to its strategic location and view, the venue has several unique advantages and facilities, including:
1. Valet parking services.
2. Metro services connected to the mall.
3. Cafes, branded stores, and various service outlets such as:
   a) Gym
   b) Mega Mart supermarket
   c) Pharmacy
   d) Aramex
   e) Barber shops, hairdressers, and various types of spas
4. Cafes and restaurants such as Flat White, Angelina, and a variety of international and Middle Eastern eateries.
5. Al Salam stores and international brand outlets such as Zegna, Boss, and Canali.

Ajnee's event venue further sets itself apart with its unique and elegant spaces:

1. A mural dedicated to events before entering the venue.
2. Warmly welcoming visitors with exceptional hospitality services, including

a variety of coffee and tea.
3. Photo Gallery Corridor and Products Stall.
4. Presentation and auction hall.
5. "The Business Clock" meeting room.
6. Ajnee's main hall for commercial events.
7. Dealing Room.


The most important business events: (offline and online)

1. Launch events.
2. Product and service launch events.
3. Auctions and sales of products.
4. Promotional events for real estate projects.
5. Electronic platform launch events.
6. Events with hospitality services, including:
   a) Business breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
   b) Coffee, snacks, and afternoon tea

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